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Quick Install Instructions Magic Robot

If you’ve ever installed an App from the AppExchange before, you may not need to read the rest of this guide unless you want to check out the advanced configuration features.  Table of Contents below.

1. Go to the AppExchange and install this app in your org

2. Complete the 3-minute setup steps on the control panel page

3. Have a cup of coffee (or two) while the system analyzes campaign influence

4. Understand how to use the concept of Campaign Influence

5. Check out your results in the Campaign Influence Dashboard – and/or explore them more interactively with the tab Campaign Projections


It’s really easy to setup and use Magic Robot’s Campaign Influence Analyzer & Contact Role Creator app.

Next Section: What you’re installing

Table of Contents

The broad strokes of Installing Magic Robot (this page)
What you’re installing
Installing the Campaign Influence Analyzer
Configuring the Campaign Influence Analyzer
• Get to the “Campaign Influence Control Panel” tab to set it up
• Set the # of Days of Influence Window
• Choose how far back in time you want campaign influence analyzed
• Choose Response Location source
• Do you want the system to auto-create Contact Roles?
• Include Influence from Leads?
• Programmatically Control ‘Primary Campaign Source’?
• Pick a time every day to run the Influence Analyzer
• Push the button and go get a refreshment
The concept of Campaign Influence & The 5 Models of Influence
• How to think about Campaign Influence
• Doesn’t Salesforce already do this?
• You’ve purchased the App. Now how do you analyze all your data now?
Using the application
• Using the Campaign Projector
• Tips on reporting
Advanced Options
• Running the Full Enchilada
• Omit some Campaigns, Opportunities, Responses or Contacts from analysis
• Check the checkbox field “Omit from Campaign Influence?”
• Setting up your vendors
• Setting up the campaign layout to show influence
• Currency Issues?
• Trouble with your roll-ups to the Campaign?
• Squeamish about running the Full Enchilada?
• Just can’t figure out what to do or what’s wrong
Release History & Documentation
How to tell which version of Magic Robot you have installed in your org