Want to re-analyze an Opportunity Manually?

Use Magic Robot’s Opportunity Link for “Analyze Opportunity Using Magic Robot”

Trouble with your roll-ups to the Campaigns?

If your campaigns roll-up sums look incorrect:

1. It might be that data changes haven’t been reflected in the analyzer yet, because it hasn’t run its nightly jobs. Try going to the Control Panel and push the button (but don’t choose the “Full Enchilada”):

2. It might be because you have changed your currency management setup recently and the system hasn’t had time to process it yet. Try editing and saving the settings and then pushing Button #2 (below) and running the Full Enchilada:

3. It might be that a specific Opportunity threw a system exception (such as a validation rule firing) when the App was trying to either create Campaign Influence Splits or when it was moved to Closed Won or during an amount change. When that happens, the system will throw out the entire batch of 10 opportunities so none of them will have influence calculated.

To validate this, go to Salesforce’s Setup and search for “Jobs”. Then open the link for Apex Jobs and look at recent runs of the Campaign Influence Analyzer and see if there are any failures listed in jobs.

Alternatively, if you are trying to diagnose why an opportunity is missing from influence analysis, go to the missing opportunity and try editing and saving it manually. If you are successful saving, you can run analysis on the Opportunity On-Demand or run the Full Enchilada.

Currency Issues?

Having trouble with a recent change to the setup of your currency management?

Go to the Control Panel page and “edit” and then “save” the settings (You don’t need to actually change any settings). The settings will update themselves to reflect the nature of the type of currency management you’re using.

Then click this button at the bottom of the page.

And then check this box:

And finally, click this button:

This will tell the system to totally re-analyze campaign influence for all opportunities and campaigns, and should fix any currency issues.


Want to run a Mini-Enchilada?  You need to re-analyze a bunch (but not all) your data?

Squeamish about running the Full Enchilada?  Don’t be. It should work just fine. But you know your Salesforce environment better than anyone. You can get the regular, non-full enchilada job to look as far (or near) in the past as you want by controlling the advanced settings.

Go to the Control Panel and then click the link for “View / manage advanced settings”. Once there, click “Edit Advanced Settings”.

Then set the “Mechanical Start Date of Opps” to the day you think is appropriate to look at opportunities created or won after.

Then go to The Control Panel and run the jobs by pushing the button:

Just can’t figure out what to do or what’s wrong?

Visit https://help.magicrobot.com/help/ for more solutions or email us at info@magicrobot.com.

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