When you install Magic Robot’s Campaign Influence Analyzer your org is getting:

•    1 custom object called “Campaign Influence Split”, green in the data model below

•    1 trigger on the Opportunity object that updates a DateTime field on the Opportunity if the stage, amount or close date fields change. Also checks daily for any org exchange rate updates, if applicable to your org

•    Over 80 fields on the Campaign object for each of the 5 models of influence:
o    General Influence (prefix “Influenced”)
o    First Response (prefix “First Resp”)
o    Last Response (prefix “Last Resp”)
o    Most Influential (prefix “Most Influential”)
o    Closers (prefix “Closers”)

For more information about the fields and definitions, visit the Data Dictionary

•    A Visualforce page called “Magic Robot Influence Window” for the Campaign layout page w/ all the influence fields organized by tabs
•    A Salesforce tab called “Campaign Influence Control Panel” which allows you to configure and control the application
•    A Salesforce tab called “Campaign Projector” you can use to explore campaigns and make projections based on historical data — and export all that to Excel
•    A dashboard called “Campaign Influence Dashboard” that delivers the most accurate campaign reports you have

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