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You’re already paying salesforce.com for premium, world-class software that allows you to easily do almost whatever you need it to.

If for no other reason, you should purchase additional software only if there’s no other way to do it, or the other ways are more expensive.

So Magic Robot’s aim is not just to provide you ‘no other choice’ solutions, but also to detail for you useful salesforce techniques that will help you maximize your existing investment in CRM.

This blog will be the place we put that.

While we believe that there is extreme value in Magic Robot’s solutions, we offer them at a low, flat price because:

1: You’re already paying for Salesforce!

2: Rather than giant, services-heavy contracts and long consulting engagements, Magic Robot’s goal is to make you successful fast!

So if you think our software may help you, be our guest: give it a try and see what happens. And then tell your friends!



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