Key 3.32 Release Features:


Magic Robot was already the world’s leader in automatic Salesforce Opportunity-to-Campaign matching & Contact Role Creation but with this release we’ve pulled even further ahead, giving you unparalleled precision and flexibility in how you programmatically attribute influence from Campaigns to Opportunities!

Not only can you now ask Magic Robot to broaden its search across Account Hierarchy and Contact-to-Multiple Account relationships — you can now also narrow those results based on dynamically matching attributes from Opportunities-to-Campaigns and Opportunities-to-Contacts:

The most requested “Dynamic Matching” use cases from our clients include:

  • Product(s) Being Sold vs. Product(s) Marketed 
  • Product(s) Being Sold vs. Promotions Marketed 
  • Your Selling Business Unit vs. Your Marketing Business Unit
  • Product(s) Being Sold vs. Contact Title
  • Department buying vs. Contact Department Marketed To

Magic Robot has created an easy-to-administer and flexible set of controls for selecting the matching fields — including the ability to choose and use custom formula fields — to give you complete, pervasive and instant administrative control over how your Opportunities match to Campaign data.

We hope you enjoy working with it and it gives you the easiest and most accurate results!

We are committed to bringing you greatest precision and flexibility possible — and to those ends we are proud to bring you the newest release of Magic Robot!

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