MagicRobot 3.2 addresses a small bug reported by select clients.

Previously, when an opportunity had no parent account listed in the AccountId / Account field, it was possible for MagicRobot to attribute that Opportunity to campaign responses from Leads.

3.2 closes the bug/loophole that allowed this unintended system behavior by limiting the analysis ONLY to opportunities where there is a parent account listed in the AccountId / Account field.

In the event your organization has erroneously attributed non-account based opportunities to leads’ campaign responses you can take the following actions:

1) Locate the Campaign Influence Split records where the Lead field is not null and where the Opportunity listed has no Account Id. Export these Campaign Influence Split Records to CSV
2) Use the Apex DataLoader to delete those Campaign Influence Split Records
3) Go to the Campaign Influence Control Panel Tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page and push Button #2 (which only rolls up the influence data up to the Campaign Fields).
4) When prompted on the next page, check the box to run the “Full Enchilada”

That will roll back any of the free-radical opportunity data erroneously attributed to any Campaigns