Magic Robot 3.1 adds the ability to disable the opportunity trigger.

Reasons to disable the trigger would be during massive opportunity data manipulation, salesforce org migrations, or in the event opportunity automation is throwing exceptions from client custom code or other installed packages.

The trigger should be left on for the application to function normally.

Note: Disabling the Opportunity Trigger will mean the application will ignore updated opportunities — and if left disabled for an extended period of time will seriously adversely affect data integrity. If you disable the Opportunity Trigger for an extended period of time, when you enable the Trigger you should consider running the “Full Enchilada” to reanalyze all your data and catch it up to current status, as it will have missed all changes to opportunities during its inactive state.

To disable the trigger:

1) Navigate to the Campaign Influence Control Panel Tab
2) Click the link “View / manage advanced settings”
3) Click the button “EDIT ADVANCED SETTINGS”
4) Check the box “Disable Magic Robot Opportunity Trigger?”

Once disabled, there is no further action required. However, you will want to enable at some point to ensure the application can function normally.