Note: the purchasing user must have “Manage Billing” permission:

Email address and billing information may be entered separately from the user logged into the AppExchange. As an example, user [email protected] may be used to login to the AppExchange, and the billing information may be entered for a different person, like [email protected].

Salesforce User Permissions Needed
To grant Checkout access: “Manage Billing”
To edit users: “Manage Users”
Users with the “Manage Billing” permission automatically have access to Checkout when it is enabled for your organization. These users can also grant access to other users within your organization.

To give a user access to Checkout:
Click Your Name | Setup | Manage Users | Users.
Click on the appropriate user’s name to open the user detail page.
Click Edit.
Select the Checkout Enabled checkbox. The user is notified by email when his or her Checkout account is activated and available for login.

1. Go to the AppExchange


2. Login as your user

Use your salesforce username and password, same as if you were logging into salesforce.


3. Go to My Installs & Subscriptions

4. Find Magic Robot and click Buy Now

Find the tile of MagicRobot. Then click the menu and “Buy Now”



5. Pay with a Credit Card or with ACH / Link Bank Account

Pay Salesforce and MagicRobot using your credit card or with ACH (Bank Account), by following the on-screen instructions. Note that different contact information may be entered:

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